Upgrade a rotary or herringbone parlor

Upgrade a rotary or herringbone parlor with Milfos iCR automatic cup removers from $1,000 per milking point*.

Conditions apply:

Promotion Details:

  • Price includes installation costs and travel within 100Km's of Service Partner
  • Price is for a standard upgrade only and excludes additional engineering will be added to the per bail price where required.
  • The price excludes any electrical work
  • Must be quoted after site visit and consultation with the dealer on install, dates, costs and extra materials etc.
  • This offer applies to upgrades only and should not be used when quoting new builds.
  • Excludes engineering for retrofit to alternate brand platforms or alternate brand HB
  • Excludes cow restraints on rotary
  • Based on HB of 30 milking points or more
  • Based on rotary of 54 milking points or more