Technical Services

Technical Services

Our Total Service Solution is the marriage of our suite of trade and technical services.

From highly technical new builds, to servicing and maintaining existing plant and buildings, our technical services and trades team delivers the Total Service Solution.


Our clients value our suite of technical and trade services and our multidisciplinary approach to design, risk assessment, peer review and problem solving. No matter which stage your project is at, our expert advisors can help.


When you want a large and complex job done right the first time, then expert design work is essential. Our technical services team specialises in delivering fully engineered CAD designed solutions with detailed specifications that save you time, money and stress by anticipating and solving problems before they arise.


Our qualified engineers work alongside the trade services teams to install complex and varied mechanical and electrical systems.


Our qualified and licensed technical and trade specialists provide system and equipment testing and certification across all of our trade disciplines: milking machinery and pumping; potable water systems; electrical, data and automation; plumbing and drainage; refrigeration; heating, cooling and ventilation systems; gas and solar hot water systems.


Looking to save money on building, machinery and plant maintenance? Planned maintenance and regular system checks are the best way to identify and solve issues, before they arise and become costly. Our scheduled maintenance programmes save clients from unnecessary stress, down time and costs.


When a breakdown happens, keep calm and call 0800 377 669.  Our team of trade and technical specialists is rapidly deployed to quickly find the solution, whether repair or replacement.

Guarantees and warranties

We supply and install products that deliver performance and endurance, and we stand behind them.  For more detailed product warranty information contact us.

Our staff members are fully qualified professionals and their work is guaranteed.

We take pride in being up to date and compliant with all industry and health and safety regulations.