Tauranga Girls College Boiler Replacements

4 March 2016

Client: Ministry of Education
Client Engineer: Greenstone Group
Engineer: Aurecon
Principal Contractor: ESP Technologies
Technical Specifications: Five boilers producing 345Kw

Tauranga Girls College’s old central boiler  supplied the school’s heating system via a network of buried pipes, some as deep as 3 metres.  The buried pipework leaked in a number of places and could not be repaired due to their depth and asbestos insulation.

Replacing the pipework infrastructure was neither feasible nor cost effective.  Instead, five separate point-of-use boilers were installed; one for each school block.  Both gas and water supplies were thrust to each block.

ESP designed, constructed, installed and commissioned the five self-contained standalone high-efficiency boiler houses with weather compensated controls; the boilers automatically shut down when the outside  temperature reaches 18o C. 

The new high-efficiency system uses between 30 and 40% less gas than the previous single-boiler system.

Boiler houses were constructed at ESP’s workshop and delivered to the site ready-made, which reduced disruption to school life and delivered savings to the client through reduced travel time.

The new boiler houses include: boiler, pump, electrical controls, gas controls, expansion vessel, pressure relief valves, precast plinths and bespoke stainless-steel flue system for the boilers designed and made by ESP.