Law Family Farm, Thornton

11 March 2016

Client: Law Family Farm, Thornton
Technical Specifications: 40-aside Milfos automatic cup removal system

The Law family, based at Thornton in the eastern Bay of Plenty, is bucking the dairy-industry trend to postpone investment.  Brandon Law is thrilled with the family’s latest investment on their 400-head dairy farm.  A new 40-aside automatic cup removal system was installed in October 2014; the payback has been less than 18 months.

“The automatic cup removers reduce the hard work, deliver consistent milking results and save 20 minutes per milking session, so that’s 40 minutes saved each day.  The system means it’s quite viable to milk 400 cows on your own.  We now have the flexibility for the farm manager or our family to take a holiday or sick day and not leave the other in the lurch; it’s all about risk management.”

Brandon chose the Milfos system so that it would integrate easily with existing nine-year-old Milfos dairy-shed machinery. “We expect the new system to last a good 15 to 20 years. Milfos have a great reputation for supplying spare parts to support machinery long-term.  We’ve been able to buy parts for plant that is over ten years old; many other brands are obsolete by then.” 

According to Brandon, the changeover to the automated system was an easy one that did not disrupt normal farm routines. “ESP sent a team of four, which included electricians and milking machinery experts. The team did the complete install and all of the vacuum line and diagnostic settings in four days. They worked around our milking times and farm activities.”

The Law family noted ESP’s commitment to doing the job well, service ethos, budget-friendly repayment options and fast follow up. “ESP’s service is top notch and the guys are friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. When the new gear was commissioned, the team stayed on through the first milking sessions to ensure the diagnostics were running perfectly. Since then, we’ve needed only a few small adjustments to the diagnostics system and the guys are here within the hour to solve any problems.”

The Law’s farm has now become a showcase for others considering the change to automation.  Call the ESP rural team to talk about your next project.